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Next week   In the 12 years I have taught math courses at PGSS we have always had final exams.

                     This year with Covid No Finals, but you will have a final review to do at home.

                     It will be on the website Monday morning at 8 am and is due Wednesday at 3 pm.

                     I will not be marking anything that comes in late.

                     This will not drop your mark, but it is your chance to check / show me what you know.

                     You can use your notes, but please do it yourself and show all work needed.​

Week 11  June 22 - 24  Mon - Wed    Assigned Monday 8 am, due Wednesday 24th by 3 pm.

                                                               I will not be marking anything sent after the deadline.

                                            Go to the assignment page.

Week 10  June 15 - 19   Day 3  Copy Notes and do Assignment

Week 9     June 8 - 12   Day 3   On assignment page Example / Show You Know / assignment  

Week 8     June 1 - 5   Day 1   Nothing   ( some students are back in class / optional )

                                  Day 2  Please review algebra and graphing ( you can do the first half of getting started) 

                                  Day 3  Assignment out of book and several questions

                                  Day 4   Nothing

                                  Day 5   Nothing

Week 7 May 25 - 29   Day 1   Nothing

                                    Day 2   A few notes and 5 graphs

                                    Day 4   Nothing

                                    Day 5  Notes and other examples

Week 6 May 19 - 22   Day 1  Algebra Test  ( Assigned Tuesday, Due Wednesday by 3 pm)

                                    Day 4  Linear Relations Notes   

                                    Day 5  On Assignment page 

Asked Questions

 Your Questions   


                 -  You do not get marks, we are going grade less and it's about doing your best.

                 -  If I don't send corrections, great job.

                 -  If you get something incorrect, I try and explain how to correct it.  (the most efficient way)

                 -  I am not being negative, I became a teacher to help students improve at math (at everything).

                 -  In this time of CoVid,  I am giving   6,  8  or  10  (either  ok,  good  or  awesome)

                 -  We have got just over 4 weeks until summer, lets keep learning.

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